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Coddling Your Canine
With spas, restaurants, and a park that caters to both pet and owner, Ozono is a one-stop shop for animation lovers

The dreams of urban cats and canines have finally come true with the opening of Ozono, a spot that allows precious pets and their devoted owners to spend happy times together.

The contemporary compound with low rise white buildings is located in Soi Phromphong next to Khlong Saen Saeb. With a park, hotel, spa and dog-friendly restaurants, what more can canines woof-woof for? Apart from a swimming pool, Ozono features outlets - without "no pets allowed" signs - that provide services for man and his best friend. They can take a stroll in Petropolitant Park, the pooch can get a new fur - do by Mr.Hiro, a Japanese dog groomer, or enjoy a canine spa treatment at Aqua Dog which his master gets a soothing body massage at Sabai Body.

K.Dhanesha, who started his paradise for pets at Doggie Bag, Thong lo, explained that there wasn't enough room there to do what he wanted to do: promote canine and feline well-being. With seven dogs and 10 cats as family members, he said that many pet owners face the same problem.


"Pet dogs are not allowed in public parks like Suan Lumpini, while strays can make it their home," Dhanesha noted. "And many pet owners who want to keep their pets happy and healthy asked me to build a park if I had the opportunity."

Thus, The five-rai complex has a park and training grounds to add a bit greenery to the end of Soi Phromphong. However, the two rai Petropolitant Park many seem like a garden for humans and St Bernards, but smaller doggies may find it more like a forest. To use this facility, owners have to buy an annual membership.


As far as dog training goes, you could say that Ozono has an international school-the trainer's American and the curriculum encourages pet owners to come to the same class, "After training dogs will usually forget what they've been taught. The best things is for owners to learn how to command their dog, which is also cost-saving because they may not have to send other dogs to school by teaching them at home." Dhanesha said.

And when needing a holiday, what can we do with our four -leggend friends? Petropolitant Hotel provides pooches with a second when their owners go overseas, or daycare for lonely doggies whose masters have to go to work. Cats can similarly stay overnight or come simply to play with Dhanesha's little tigers at Cat Societe-a place exclusively for meow-ing and feline socializing.


At Ozono, you can also take your dog shopping at Doggie Bag Living, which sells dog snacks, tailored made dog fashion and even furniture. Many people may be green with envy after learning of such a luxurious dog's life, but Dhanesha claims that Ozono isn't about overpampering pets.

"If you thank that dogs are merely animals and we humans are superior, you may not agree with these pet services," He said. "To me and many pet-lovers, dogs and cats are our family and we would do whatever we can to make them happy. And when they're happy, we're happy too."

Non Pet-owners may also find Ozono an interesting place to while away some time dining at one of its eateries, the Elite Grill Bar, Little Corner or Nobu Shabu. Fashionistas can check out Present, Alyssa or Rebecca for a fancy frock and those seeking head-to-toe beauty treatments can find them at Naomi Salon, House of Herbs and OPI Nail Concept.

Running out of cash to pay for the pricey Petropolitant Park membership or a party dress? The compound has a Kasikorn Thai Bank to refill your wallet.

an article from Weekend Tips Column, Bangkok Post, Friday 12, May 2006
by Kanokporn Chanasongkram

Ozono is located In Sukhumvit Soi 39. For more information, call 02-662-3280, 06-787-0102 or visit www.ozono.us

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